Transformative Soul Tripping through Creativity holds an ongoing series of dynamic workshops using active imagination, guided meditation, Essential oils & music to facilitate & inspire participants in the mediums of Collage, Mask-Making, Mandalas, Seasonal Celebrations through the Labyrinth, and the Soul-mate connection as well. This unique process will help you to identify and get through core issues; smooth a path for clearing out blocks and phobias while opening doorways to new discoveries along the way… to your personal Transformation.

 The goal of these workshops is to guide you through a discovery process of connecting with your own inner guides and archetypes, and to help you uncover blocks to arrive at your creative process. This process will help you to tap into the subconscious mind, trust your “Inner Guidance” and show you the way to your own Active Imagination, which Carl Jung described as Alchemy or the royal road to Self Actualization. You will then feel free to express your creative self, utilizing the many different creative mediums, and take it home with you to continue further reflection whenever you feel the need.

 Like Alchemy, we are redefined by the layers that are peeled off to find the gold, or the authentic self, inside of us. Are we ever finished? No; each experience gives us an opportunity to be present and continue to peel, and find more gold.