Transformative Soul Tripping Creativity workshops are facilitated by Donna Morosi

 Donna Morosi, Alchemist, CHT  


I am in the business of transforming lives through a wide range of creative processes.  As a Professional Stylist, I’ve been guiding and transforming people with their hair from behind the chair, for over 40 years. I’m also a Certified Professional Alchemical Hypnotherapist, trained by founder, David Quigley, and Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, with expertise in areas of Somatic Healing. People also come to me if their struggling with weight, addiction, insomnia, unresolved childhood trauma, stress or anxiety, relationships, or chronic pain. My latest passion is for designing Creativity Workshops, “Transformative Soul Tripping”.

I am also a contemporary performing artist, Acrylic and watercolor on canvas, singer/songwriter, and blogger. I believe that all forms of creativity can, and will, change your life…if you let it!

As an Alchemist I believe my mission is to bring the healing powers of Alchemy, turning the lead into gold, into our world. I believe that we can make a difference in our community by channeling Alchemy healing to our clients – healing our world client by client. The true healer is within; all people ever really need is some direction in accessing this reality. And I believe that Creativity is a conduit towards accessing this soul healing.

In my private practice I will guide you towards breaking through old patterns and the road blocks that keep us from realizing our full potential. If meaningful, behavioral changes are what you are seeking, then Alchemical Hypnotherapy will help you to realize that goal.

My first exposure to Hypnotherapy was in 2005 with Susan Justice, CHT. , And became interested in Alchemical Hypnotherapy as a profession after attending an Empowerment Retreat on April 20, 2011, given by George and Brigitta D’Amato, in Philo, CA. This was a life transforming experience, and I continue to grow, connect, and move forward in life as my authentic self.

I am passionate about my path as a guide through the healing process. For no matter how damaged we think we are, no matter how dysfunctional our outer lives may appear to be, we will heal when we are put in touch with our inner world (the subconscious mind) break through the barriers, and remember the process.

I was introduced to essential oils in 2012 at a gathering,  and immediately started sharing them with my clients. I have witnessed how these Powerful, therapeutic grade oils have enhanced the depth of relaxation for my clients, they have made a difference in my life as well.

Three years later, I felt this calling to be a part of something bigger, for the greater good for all living beings, and the planet earth. I discovered do`Terra Essential Oils helps to fill that role for me.

I truly believe in the healing powers of these plant based oils. When you breathe in the essential oil molecules into the back passages to the nose, they go straight to the brain in the central part called the amygdala. This is the part of the brain in the limbic system, which manages and stores all of your emotional experiences, feelings and memories.

I’ve been using essential oils in my Hypnotherapy sessions, and Creativity workshops to deepen relaxation, and aid with transforming negative memories into positive outcomes, with great healing success.

I invite you to call me for a complimentary consultation. You will then you will know what individual healing modality fits your needs.   I hold my practice in the Tower at Earth Dance, Center for the Healing Arts, 19343 Sonoma HWY, in Sonoma, CA, 95476. You will find yourself in a most serene, comfortable and soothing environment.  I hold group gatherings, as well as individual private sessions.

Call/Text (707)758-5838,



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