“Creative Soul Tripping through Collage”

Donna bio pic20150131_220608-1   This workshop was a Big success!

                                                             Six dynamic participants eagerly filed into our transformed Artists studio.

                                                    Creatively breaking the ice  while sharing our own personal  negative core beliefs.

                                                           Laughter, tears, and a few ah ha moments lead us to a Journey to Discover

                                                                              our Creative Dwelling that housed our Inner Artists!



                                                                                                        Participants created their collages with a sense of determination and purpose

                                                                                                             Everyone brought creative abilities back with them, after  their Journey…

                                                                                                                             \as you will see demonstrated in the collages they shared

20150117_130742 20150117_13290120150117_130748



20150117_14520020150117_14400120150117_14490420150117_14494920150117_144527            20150117_144339

20150117_15004820150117_15004520150117_150057                                                                      20150117_15010220150117_150054