“Transformative Soul Tripping”

Walking the Labyrinth 2016

through Grief & Loss ~ to freedom

September 24rd ~ 2pm -4pm

275 East Spain St., Sonoma, CA 95476
 I will guide you, providing a safely contained sacred space, where you can give yourself permission to grieve over your loss in your own unique way. You will be able to transform that energy to a higher vibration utilizing essential oils, meditation and engaging in some creative processes. Each one of you will be able to measure your own personal growth towards a meaningful acceptance of your loss. This process will provide for you a direction forward by accessing some creative tools with which to express and process that grief. Silent meditation in and through the Labyrinth, a process of Alchemy which by way of the elixir of creativity turns the lead of grief into the gold of enlightened acceptance, freedom and hope.
Experience creative exercises and access tools to express your thoughts whether it be through journaling, writing a poem, prayer, note, a message, letter, a song, or draw a picture…as this is a way to process and download your deepest feelings. Go on an Alchemical Journey and discover your Inner Sanctuary, a place where you will have an opportunity to say whatever needs to be said to whomever, and discover whatever response is needed as you move forward in your process. Essential oils will be used to deepen the experience, and physically moving your body through the Mystic Spiral, releasing, then receiving, and then returning, having a personal experience for healing and growth. Get ready to open up the healing powers of the creative process and transform your grief.
This Event will be held at:  
Trinity Episcopal Church

275 East Spain Street, Sonoma, CA 95476

~ $40 ~

~ $30 ~ if you sign up before September 24, 2016
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