Encircled by Doves



My son was away at a school many  miles away from home – with strangers! It was a very emotional day for me. I was not allowed to speak with my son for weeks, and was filled with longing just to hear his voice and know he was OK. I simply could not shake this heavy feeling of morning him.

I needed someone to talk to, so I called my mother, and started crying hysterically when I heard her voice,

“Are they taking good care of him?”


Oh, I wonder if I did the right thing? Are they treating him well…does he feel loved? There was ringing in my ears, and a pounding on the top of my head – the whole thing felt numb, I felt an inconsolable grief. It didn’t matter what mom tried to do to help…silence was irritating, questions annoying…There I was, in the kitchen facing the backyard window sniffling and crying…when all of a sudden a flock of White Doves landed, in a circle on the ground outside –  immediately I felt at peace, and said into the phone, “Oh my God Mom, you won’t believe this, a flock of White Doves just landed in a circle, on the ground, out in the back yard! They’re bring me peace, I feel so much better…it’s like they knew all I needed was to see them, in this form, in a circle, and I would know everything is going to be alright!”


Mom said, “Yes honey, that is a very good sign, and it’s all going to be alright!”


I have always felt this kinship with Doves, and once again they arrive at exactly the right time, to remind me, “All is well”.