Soulmate Secret book study – Day’s 1 & 2

On Day 1; the participants have filled out the Soulmate IQ test, figured out how they may be unconsciously blocking their Soulmate from coming into their lives, and discovered some negative core beliefs.
We did a fun project where each participant created a poster “Map for Love” with cut-out’s from magazines, and produced some wonderful personal take-home pieces.

Treasure Map

 We’ve done some peaceful “Feelingization” meditation’s to release old beliefs. Weeded the garden of our hearts; made lists, wrote letters, and decided if there is room for another person. Then there was a “Clearing the space for love”  ~Feelingization~ meditation. We explored that if you want to be ready, willing, and able to welcome your Soulmate into your life, you must carve out the physical, emotional, and mental space that will allow you to recognize his/her presence and pursue your connection with him/her. There is also another kind of space you need to begin to cultivate, and this is the spaciousness that can only arise from quiet reflection and meditation.

These fun loving participants are discovering some personal self-awareness, contributing their wonderful ideas and focusing on becoming ready for Big Love.


Day 2;

On this day the focus was on what kind of environment would provide the perfect backdrop for you and this person to fall madly in love? The art of “space clearing” to cleanse your home of any negative or obstructive energies left over from previous relationships. As we talked about the subtle energies you feel in a room and how you want the energy in your home to be inviting and attractive, we realized everyone was looking at their living space a little differently now!

We then did a powerful meditation ~Feelingization~ to turn on your heart light!

And as the participants began to consider their unique goals, desires, tastes and preferences, they discovered that each of us has a unique set of preferences and standards, and what is completely acceptable to one person could be a deal breaker for another. We went over specific questions, the answers to which provided essential information that helped create and refine their lists.

The participants created their own unique list of their soulmate’s qualities and traits…ones that are really important to them, and designed affirmations.

I had a surprise when my Soulmate, who announced he would show up as a participant, decided to recited a poem, one that he just recently composed, to the class. The room was absolutely filled with tears! I was directed by all ” Would you please give him a kiss already! “Yeah, please do that!”…

What can I say… my love is a poet! and…you know what… I imagined him just that way!!!

 reading soulmate book