“My thanks goes out today to Donna Morosi, who’s done me a great service, for my first hypnotherapy session, which was nothing like I might have imagined it (the conscious mind, the observer, does not switch off) and revealed a secret I’d long kept trapped inside.”
– Rhys Wade

“I’m loving the group emphasis of the class. I feel as though I am getting so much more out of the book (the Soulmate Secret, by Arielle Ford) than if I had read it on my own. It has also encouraged me to move more slowly through the book than I normally would have.
I just wanted to thank you again, for the Divine timing of this workshop, and for the way in which it has been structured! It feels more than RIGHT that I am doing this now! :)”
– Teresa

“Thank you so much for such a loving and expansive workshop
this morning! You definitely should keep having these and growing your practice!! Because you have a gift!”
– Marny

“Donna Morosi is a top shelf hypnotherapist. After having experienced two very intense sessions with Donna I can say that she is a very skilled practitioner of the craft. With empathic sensitivity and the prowess of a seasoned detective she has the ability to lead me and others to uncover the hidden messages and medicine which resides in the deeper levels of the psyche. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in meaningful change in their lives.”
– James

“I have received over 22 hypnotherapy sessions in my life. I also hypnotize people.
In short, I know a good hypnotist when I experience one.
My two hour session with Donna was profound on every level.
We moved to the root of the problem deeply, created a solution, wove in forgiveness and acceptance.
The session felt like days as we drifted back in time to this incarnation and a few others.
I saw vivid pictures, felt as though I was back in that time period, heard the voices of the people in the journey along with my spirit guides.
The insights assisted me in clearing the pain.
At the end we did a journey to meet my inner mate.
The picture of my mate and feeling was so fulfilling and exciting.
I woke up the next morning feeling whole and loved.
My inner mate has been talking to me, sitting with me, laughing with me and even dancing around me while I cook.
The pit of loneliness was gone.
I realized that I usually woke up feeling empty.
This was a quantum leap in up leveling my happiness.
I found Donna to be gifted, soothing, patient and intuitive as she guided me on this brilliant journey into my inner world.
I would highly recommend Donna to assist you in clearing and healing any issue that is present.

– E. C., Sonoma

Testimonial from Keala

I recently decided to fulfill a dream of mine and to start a new adventure. I am a teacher of Hawaiian Shamanism and I lived 18 years on Maui, Hawaii. Since I moved to Sonoma 4 years ago I never returned. Suddenly I felt the call to bring people to the island and teach them at the same time.I got excited and started and took risks and suddenly panic and fear came up.I booked a session with Donna. From the moment I met her some months ago I knew she is the one if I need help.I have to tell you that I am also a Therapist and I used Hypnosis a lot with my clients.I came to her and when the session started the feeling of being safe and held and loved enveloped me.I felt her groundedness, her compassion and confidence in what she is doing.

A past life came up when I was killed for teaching secret knowledge and with her help I could transform the experience into something beautiful.I left uplifted, inspired and transformed. No more fear at all, the opposite is now here. I know this is my mission.

I can say with authority that Donna is an exceptional Hypnotherapist. I trust her completely in her ability to help and transform, especially trauma, anxiety and fear related issues. I am so grateful that Donna is in my life.

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