Transformative Soul Tripping through Mask Making, To Discover…The Authentic Self

Soul Trip Mask Making

Discover the Answers Within

Transformative Soul Tripping

Donna Morosi, CHT

James Alexander Fish, MA, CHT



How do you think you “should” be?

When can you let that person go and when can’t you?
In living the Authentic Self You will:
  • Be able to stay true to your own personality, spirit and character, no matter what is happening
  • Discover another level of existence that is the real, true, genuine substance of who you are.
  • Find out how Relaxation, Meditation and Active Imagination can Lead you Through Doorways to Self Discovery.
  • Have the energy you need to pursue the dreams you truly value.
  • Experience what it’s like to feel confident and Empowered.
  • Continue to create your life based on the Jungian model of Self-Actualization.
“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”  ~C. G. Jung ~
Sept. 19th, 2015
 Introductory offer $75
(Will be $125 after 9/19)
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