I am born Year of the Monkey, this is my announcement…


This blog has been calling me for some time now…and it seems the timing is right! I am prepared to talk with the director from the Center for Healing arts to see about sharing space to do my hypnotherapy practice…there’s always something bruing in this monkey brain of mine. But really now, there are people who are asking me to give them sessions, and I believe now is the time to find a space to hold for them…and it is not going to be in my home anymore! This is very exciting for me…I am really feeling in the element of my practice. My overworked thumb has been yelling, even screaming at me to give it a break from the repetive motion of rolling a round brush, pressing down and up those thumbcept muscles with my haircutting shears closed and open, closed and open…over and over again. Then there’s the motion of pressing fingers and thumb down on the comb, swooping up the hair up, pulling the comb up through the hair…oh enough…I am board of this now!!! So this is what it is like to be born under the Chineese Zodiac sign year of the Monkey.


April 9, 2013


That last paragraph was written over a month ago, and I am very excited to now spread the news that I am now holding space for my Hypnotherapy Practice at Earth Dance, Center for The Healing Arts!!


The Center for The Healing Arts  provides a variety of health services for the Sonoma Valley and other surrounding areas. Their services include Chiropractic care, Energy Kenesiology, Money Coaching, Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, and now Hypnotherapy. I am the first Certified Hypnotherapist at the Center, and because I practice Alchemy, I am a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist – guiding my clients, through Hypnotic Journeys, while they turn the lead of emotional debris in their life, into the gold of self – realization, and ultimately achieving personal empowerment.


Greetings! My name is Donna Morosi, CHT. I will be holding space all day on Saturdays; with 1hr group Journeys, twice a day – 11AM, and 3PM, and the rest of the day open for scedualing individual private sessions.The Center for The Healing Arts is located at 19343 Sonoma Highway, in Sonoma CA 95476.


Below is an example of my first few topics for April’s group Journeys.


April 06 – Finding your Inner Sanctuary,

April 13 – Finding your Inner Mate

April 20 – Finding Abundance


You can schedule an appt. by phone (707) 7585838,

message me on facebook,

or email hypnoticadventures@donnamorosi.com.

Lets Journey Together…I’ll Take You There